I developed the LUCID Framework over two decades ago. Many product development teams have found LUCID to be a powerful and useful framework for managing the design and usability components of interactive products. 

When LUCID was first developed, UX was almost unknown and development was invariably waterfall. Today UX is well-known (if not always well understood) and a lot of development is agile.

LUCID can help ensure that key tasks are identified and executed in an orderly fashion with iterations within a stage and predictable progress from stage to stage.

Over the years it has evolved into the current rich and flexible framework presented here. Despite the fact that I never formally published LUCID, The LUCID Framework™ became widely used by companies world-wide.  It was taught at a number of universities and referenced in textbooks.  Obviously, LUCID has a lot to offer. LUCID continues to evolve.  I welcome input from everyone who has used LUCID and wants to contribute to it.

To learn more about LUCID, download:
The LUCID Framework Summary.